Drisdell Group


We conduct fundamental studies of functional materials and interfacial chemistry for energy technology applications, using in situ and operando X-ray characterization at synchrotron and free electron laser facilities.

Our aim is to study systems under realistic chemical conditions (e.g. functioning materials with full chemical kinetics) that mimic those of the application. This typically requires the design of specialized instrumentation and chemical reactors to examine chemistry occurring at gas-solid and liquid-solid interfaces. Whenever possible, we compare our experiments to first principles theory to provide molecular-scale models of these systems. Our research is often highly collaborative, working with specialists in chemical and material synthesis, electrochemistry, and theory.

We are part of the Chemical Sciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), in Berkeley, California. If you are interested in our research, please contact Walter Drisdell at wsdrisdell(at)lbl(dot)gov for more information.